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Related article: Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 00th 33rd EDT 34 From: D LS u003cdls_stories hotmail. com u003e Subject: Brian u0026 I all well, here goes. This story is a work of fiction, and It is not intended to imply something about someone. While some of the characters can be loosely based on real people I know are not really meant represent the people, especially any of the members of the Backstreet Boys. You may wish they were gay, and maybe some of them, but I certainly does not mean that they are. :) If one of them happened to be reading this (well, we can dream, can not), feel free to write and let me know what you think?. As usual, if you feel uncomfortable or offended by the material sexual relations between consenting adult men, light or somewhere in else. Even if somehow illegal for you to read this kind of thing that is , please do not. Or not only capture. This is my first time writing a story Lolita Toplist like this, and also my the first timeLet others read something I've written, I really appreciate any comments (good or bad) that each of you. If s sick, please support your opinion so that it can be improved. Leave me a message hotmail DLS_stories. com Enjoy ! Brian u0026 Nate DLS "Should not be a little more excited or nervous or what," asked Andrea, I saw my hair in for reproduce the mirror trying to get exactly right. Andrea knew how important it was for me tonight. Finally, there was will have a chance to meet the Backstreet Boys! A local magazine had held an essay contest on " What the Backstreet Boys are mean to me," as part of promoting a concert series, which ended with the group do in LA The first prize was two tickets to a concert was, together with backstage passes and I had won. While I am certainly excited and n more than a little nervous, I 've worked hard to Lolita Toplist not crazy about her. " give me a break, okay ? Ia certain dignity. I am not a n cry girl 14 years old, you know, " I said and gave him a playful punch on the shoulder and grabbed my clock on my nightstand. n " I know, I know. You're beautiful, "he laughed, my cheek poked with a smile. " Funny Lady. "I smiled and moved back to the mirror, with some adjustments end. " I wish you were me, however. As with you at all , it seems normal. " Pulling Andrea and threw a pillow and hit his head, and mess my hair again. I found Lolita Toplist a small ( and certainly not very manly ) mourn when I saw the damage and began desperately trying to re under some form of control. "Aha! So you're nervous, huh ? "Asked, crossing the room, and I Go around the face. He quickly began to help get ready over again. " And I wish that I would but you know, I have to be No dinner. Twenty years is a long time and should get some kind of recognition, you know? "Andrea organized a surprise party for her parents 25th wedding anniversary and had already planned everything before I had won of the cards. Wanted when she was one of the few friends he had to know what s that night meant for me, and the only one in Los Angeles he had, which are time, but realized I could not. " You're just happy that I let you go to our party of it, honey. In fact, the figure I owe you big time for me letting you off the hook," said \\ \\ n he said with a sly smile as she stepped back and looked me up and down. " Oh, I owe you, right? Well, let me tell you something, honey. As s much as you and I both like the love of their parents, there is no way to hell want to get rid of me keeps this concert, "he said, again smiling. I have a step back and looked in the mirror. N " Well? N What is the verdict? " N " You look great. Here are the best to be there. " Lolita Toplist "I am the only one, probably, " I said, pushed my portfolio intor my pocket and grabbed my keys. " Do not forget this," said Andrea, when I went to the room of the s. I turned around and saw waving their tickets and passports to and from on his head. She withdrew it when it comes to them. "Where can kiss -bye ?" Expanded his smile as he pulled his hand from my grip over again. to give up, he sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek and grabbed the tickets of his time did. "Ew ! Germs Girl!" I cried and dried dramatically in the mouth with the back of the hand. "Just get out of here, you bastard ", he laughed and pulled me out of the door. " Okay, okay, I'm going ! Say hello to your parents and tell I feel about tonight," I shouted at my back, turning n and walk to the cabin, which had pulled right in front of the house. " do not worry about that. I'll tell you're getting laid You will understand," he shouted after me and shut the Lolita Toplist door before he could react. Laughing to myself, I opened the back door of the cabin and in A few minutes later the taxi stopped at a small house. I told the driver to wait, and left. as Andrea could not go with me, I had decided that my "small business s brother" instead. As an only child I had missed the opportunity to caring for younger siblings, and since the chances of the children with me s my own were very low, was the Big Brothers program, the perfect alternative. At least once a week I spent time with a ten year old boy named Robbie for an afternoon or evening. Or you could go to the movies, the head of an amusement park , or just have some dinner and hang out. He gave me the opportunity to Robbie really help and feel like a real contribution to n to him, and had an old friend, Robbie, I could count on and talk to in the things he was too shy to to discuss with your mother or your teacher n in school. also Robbie 's mother was a very necessary and Deserved rest. that s husband had been a few years before he died and she was trying to Robbie increase alone, the two jobs to pay the bills. I s the feeling that the time spent with your child, enjoy almost as much as it did. knocked on the door was opened almost immediately. Robbie stood there, bare-chested, obviously excited. " Come to Nate !" She cried, holding open the door. I went and sat on the couch in his little cave. " I'll be back," said Robbie, disappeared down the hall. "friend hurry! The cab is waiting and we will get a no time !" I yelled after him. Mrs James left the room with a smile and shook my hand. " I appreciate that night with you, Nate. I hope you know what n yourself in, though. It's practically bouncing on the walls all day," he said and sat down beside me. "No problem, Mrs. James. I wasExtra ticket, and I knew that is a good time. He is a very big boy, "I replied, sitting on the couch " Yes, I did much of his father in him, " she said, wiping away a tear of the corner of my eye, as Robbie came into the room with two T -shirts. the first was a simple black and the other was a Backstreet Boy T -shirt, asked with a smile. \\ \\ n "What I get, Nate? "Stopped and asked them to me both. " Well, "he said, and looked at him. " I would go with simple black, boy. I always thought it was a little sad for a concert by using the fly band clothes. You do not want to be a man, believe me. " " Okay, it's black, then, "he said, pulling her shirt. " Let give me this back in my room. " " do not throw it all over, young people. They hung back in ", his mother said, pointing at him. " way of talking, Mom. Sheesh ! " He laughed and left the room over again. When he did, Mrs. James and I share aGrin. When Robbie came back, I got up and walked toward the door. "Well, I that we are ready then," I said, and turned to Mrs. James. N "There are some kind Q u0026 A session after the concert, but it should be late again. " "This is right, Nate. I'll be here," she said as he ran to the cabin. " you behave yourself, young man, " she scolded her son. Robbie just waved absently, and went into the cabin. N addition to the and gave the driver our destination, when the car stopped on the sidewalk. Robbie was visibly excited about the trip to the stadium. "You will be right Rob? Seems ready to jump right from your skin art s. " " Yes, yes, I'm fine. I'm excited, that's all. this you are huge, you know you have no idea how many girls in school scared n when they learned that I had tonight? "he said, fiddling in his seat. " Oh, that's all. Meeting of the band that makes you very popular, eh ?" I smiled. "Of course, I had girls calling me all day today trying to get to says Hello, Back Street, the boys of them. " " Well, if lucky, you will have the opportunity, only that "I said the taxi stopped at the entrance to the backstage. I paid the driver and Robbie went to the car. The safety first one was more surprisingly easy. I pointed to I passed the big man at the door, and checked my name on your list with the clipboard. When he heard my name, he crossed out and opened the door to us. We rushed her to a conference room, where one of the PR People, said the Backstreet Boys would be brief appearance at the show n , and then again for a session interview. As expected, the room with a young, enthusiastic full squeaks air. Robbie and I grabbed a seat in the back of the room. I thought it was the best way to avoid the crowd crushed when the boys came. Shortly after we sat down,a door on the left side of the large table that was in the front of the set of open room, and the Backstreet Boys n arisen. They took their seats and began to speak, the fans, because it presented the past, hoping for autographs or hugs from your favorites. I asked Robbie if you go online and talk to the boys wanted, Lolita Toplist but he shook his head. " In no way is always in the middle of this to me," he smiled and pointed to in the crowd of girls pushing the table. I looked up just in time to see AJ at us. He offered to a small smile and wave, I came back. He turned and waved one of the assistants, who had stood Lolita Toplist behind the table. AJ spoke as with him, the man looked at me and then in his notebook. after a time , spoke briefly with AJ and disappeared into the mass of fans on the other side of the table. Just as I wondered what was happening, the girl appeared in front of us. Looking back on the list in his hands, looked up to me. "You are... Nathaniel Healy, of the essay contest winners ?" He asked. " I am", I said, got up and shook his hand. "And that is Robbie. " Robbie was so good with the hand of man. " The two seem a little out of place here, if you do not mind my word way," he laughed and said to the rest of the fans in the room. " Tell me ", I laughed with him. "I guess this will be expected, though. " " Well, Mr. McLean would like to ask you to stay after the Q u0026 A session after the concert. Have the unique opportunity for his men to do fans, and the kids feel bad about you two get stuck here again, "he said, adding with a smile. I looked at the table and saw AJ and Howie found both in our direction. They waved and then returned to the firm and hugs. N " Sure. That would be great. Thank you, Mr... " "Davis, Gary Davis," he said, shaking his hand. " I'll come and That two days after the meeting this afternoon, and you will know the boys. Enjoy the show! "He smiled and turned to the crowd on his way to the front of the room. The autograph session lasted ten minutes, then s known that the boys go and make ready for the concert was. This was met some disappointed sigh the room, but everyone knew that s really needed to get started. with a final round of the waves in the room, No output through the same door he entered from behind. those who were with other backstage passes door and introduced in an area where a group was established by chairs placed for us Explore the concert. as soon as the child took the stage, it was obvious that n had the chairs had lost time, since none of the girls down appeared to want to to sit. they spent all scream and shout concert and jump up and down. I pushed and Robbie in the swingnt of the crowd to at least see what was the girls cry. Some of the girls who do not like it, such as a lot, but the teenager is still not known who invented -a reflection of me. check every time down on Robbie saw her smile made ​​it very clear that n It was fun. When the concert ended, finally, we were back in (he had collected some of the amateur adventurers wandered in search of some kind of backstage moment ) and went to the conference room. Less fans have been granted Access to this part of the night, so Robbie and I were able to be with the rest of the people and see how the boys came first, and then went on n for some time to answer the questions the room. An hour later, he announced the band's manager once again let this guy had, and thanked everyone for coming. There was a disappointment sigh of the room when the fans began their application back in the hallway. I thought Mr. Davis had forgOtten us if materialized at my side. "Ready to meet the guys ?" He asked, and showed us in the door on the left side of the interview table. " ready than I ever was created," he said, in the direction n door. The door opened to a room in chaos. There were clothes everywhere, shoes kick in the corner, and four boys very nice run in all instead. AJ and Nick were about n on the remote for the television campaign is screwed into the corner of the room while Kevin and Howie threw the clothes , apparently in search of something. Brian was nowhere. Mr. Davis cleared his throat and the set of all its activities, when they saw that all the n depends on us. "Mr. Healy and his young guests are here to meet, guys," he said , which pushes us further into the room. " Hey man!Go! " Said AJ, disentangling himself from Nick n walking towards us. He shook my hand and then knelt to dress level with Robbie. "Who have we here? " He asked,Shake Robbie hand as well. " RRR- Robbie James, Sir," Robbie mumbled, blushing furiously. AJ " Sir? The name of my father," he smiles. "I am old AJ, o You can call me" well, if you forget my name. Do you agree ? " " Well, if... AJ " Robbie said with a smile. Mr. Davis said goodbye and closed the door and left us with the kids. Kevin, Nick, Howie and everyone came and greeted us and then delete places on the couch for us to sit. Just as we began to talk to each other, Brian was a of what must have been the bathroom. I was wearing only a towel. I usually do not do that, and I'm not proud of it, but could not resist a look. " Oh, shit, I do not know anyone here, "he shouted, as n various shades of red. The color did nothing for any good n. " I told you I invited some people to speak to us, B -Rok " AJ chuckled and Brian threw a mantle. "The Nate and Robbie. Nate and Robbie, is Brian. In general it is not that shade of red, though. " The boys laughed. "Shut up AJ," Brian said with a smile. "Nice n to meet you. I turn. " She took some clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. When he returned, the rest of the guys were sitting in conversation with Robbie on all your favorite music for possible girlfriends he had in school. "Oh, that reminds me. To greet me Becky, Sarah, Maggie," he told the names of the fingers. I leaned forward and put my hand over her mouth. " I think it's safe to say that all girls, says in the sixth grade Parkdale Elementary hello", I laughed, letting go of Robbie. " Yes," he smiled. " Well, then let's see what we can do about it," said Kevin, is reached behind the couch and pulled out a folder. Inside was a lot of Photos of the group were. He took one, and took a marker taBLE. picture settings on the table, wrote: 'In the sixth class in Parkdale Elementary School. Thanks for listening! " Then he and the rest n has signed the guys in the picture. " Do you think they like? " He asked, and the image of Robbie. " Oh yes, I am one of the most popular kid in school will be! "Robbie smiled, Set the image down gently on your lap. " Well, we have something special for you and Robbie, "said AJ, raising more folders n with images. He looked up he found solo albums by some of the boys, then went to each one of the boys s, one of Robbie, and another signed by me. Robbie, as beams n looked at the pictures. I was a bit more reserved, and managed by a is for us. "No problem, thanks. for coming tonight. There is not much male fans come backstage, "said Howie, displacing the cap on the marker that was used. " It's a welcome change from all those girls screaming. " rest of the boys agreed. " So they are two brothers? " Nick asked, pointing at me and Robbie. " Something like that, I suppose," he said. "We are part of a program of Big Brothers In Los Angeles we have a couple of hours a week and hang out. Lolita Toplist It brings us both out of the house, and we have a lot of fun, Robbie right ? " looked at me and nodded. "Yes, I love hanging out with Nate. beats sitting at home with my mother. " The boys laughed at that. All spoke of nothing in s , in particular, for a few minutes walk shen Kevin. " Well, I like being a bad sport, but I won. I think I to return to the hotel and to bed," said Kevin, a couple of things collect. " Yeah, me too," said Howie, rose from his seat. AJ nodded and got well. "It was a pleasure meeting you guys and Thank you for coming," he said as he stretched and yawned. " Well, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us," he said, moving the hands. "Hey Nate ? I am not at all tired. Want to go grab a coffee ot what ?" Asked Brian. My heart skipped a beat. " I would, but I promised the mother of Robbie I na him straight home after Lolita Toplist the concert. It will not wait for him. " "No problem. We will take limousine and place it in the way, " said Brian with a smile. " Sounds good, " I agreed. " Bri, I can talk to you a moment? " Kevin said, pointing Brian in the room. " Yes, cousin," said Brian, according to Kevin in the room. I sat with Robbie. He and Nick were deeply involved in a discussion of why Nintendo was better than the Playstation. Brian returned and reported that everything was ready. "Will you come an tails " asked Nick. "Sure, Frick," he replied with a smile. Kevin and Howie both said goodbye and left the room. " Alright then. It was truly a pleasure to meet you", AJ, and that followed by Kevin and Howie. "Hey you! " Robbie after him. AJ turned with a smile. " Lolita Toplist Thanks for the photos," said Robbie, with a smile. "No problem, Robbie. Hello to all the girls for me," AJ laughed, pulling the door n behind him. "So, what do you want Kevin, Bri ?" Said Nick, gathered his clothes n and search for your portfolio. " Well, he was worried about me being alone with Nate here, actually. S he was worried that our new friend may be some confusion for our fans after all, and kidnap me, " Brian said, smiling. "It took the promise a someone to take me, and at the first sign of problems that are at our donkey back to the hotel. " " Wow. He is not really protection right? " He smiled at the thought of mine, fan psychopath. " Well, if some of the things we can do our fans to see, you have n to be," said Nick. " So what? I'm gathering as a bodyguard ?" The looked a little disappointed by the thought. " Relax, Nick, " BriOf cases. " You know I never leave you behind. was about to ask, in spite of this, but Kevin stopped me before opportunity. Now come already. We come home before his mother Robbie is \\ \\ n worried. " we made our way out of the stadium in the limo without incident. The fans have seen the rest of the boys go, and assuming there are n safe to return home. We got into the limo and made our way out of the car. has not gone too far when Nick laughed and said Robbie. It s beside me, curled up asleep. "I guess the emotion that finally caught up with him," I said, putting my arm around him. " No, Nick has just the effect on people," said Brian, and then started a laughter, trying to do it quietly, so you will not wake up Robbie. "You're lucky, there is a sleeping child in the car, Rok, or better overcome your ass! " Nick was able to say through his own laughter. This is only Brian laughed harder. A few minutes later, the limousineretired before the House Robbie. Carefully tied the two of us, Brian and asked him to go for me, so it's in my house. " Poor guy. Wait until the entire n I slept through his first trip in a limousine. " N I took him to the house where Mrs. James opened the door, while I tried to find a way to play Robbie without waking. kept the door and entered. " Take it, and put it on his bed. I will cover in a minute ", he said, and shut the door. I walked down the hallway and the room Robbie, and laid him gently on the bed. Put your signature photos at his desk, turned off the light and peace returned to the room of the s. " seems to be fun," said his mother with a smile. " Yes I had a great time. The guys signed some pictures of him, , and gave one of his class at school. He was very excited. " N " I can imagine, "he said. " I have asked for a liMo there? " " Oh, yes. Some of the guys were nice enough to take a Lolita Toplist walk to home. " " Ah, yes, I see, "he laughed and looked out the window. I got his side and looked so good. Nick and Brian had the window rolled down and smiled and called out of the car. we waved and to put the curtain again. " Well, not really expect. I'll give you a call to on Monday in creating something with Robbie next week, okay ? "I asked the door. " Sure, Nate. I'll talk to you then. Thanks again for Robbie tonight. " " No problem, it's fun to hang out with. "I smiled and opened the door n Lolita Toplist closed. Brian opened the door for me and walked away again, went to a coffee center that Nick proposed. the s been a short trip and we were soon seated in a state of loneliness dinner. Nick and Brian sat on one side, and sat in front of them. " So, what do to today thatTheir concerts are done here ? "I Brian celebrates waitress asked us. " Oh, we have to leave in the morning to New York to do some promotional materials and a benefit concert, and then headed to Europe solid for a month s tour, " said Brian. is the waitress to take our orders. Brian and I had coffee n and a piece of apple pie. Nick ordered tea, but could not decide between apple or cherry pie. finally gave in and asked for a piece of each. The waitress took our order and left us again. " So new York , right? What kind of promotional material to be n da ? "I asked, reaching a napkin and goes until the end. I s still a little nervous here with them. No matter what s feet on the ground there seemed no way out, that these two \\ \\ n guys. is " Um, I know we will make an appearance on Rosie, and Letterman we met later in the week. Other than that, I'm not s Yourre. It is likely that interviews usual few teen magazines and things, " Nick shrugged. ", and then removed to Europe? " " Yep. A month in Europe, then back here to do some dates in the U. S.. UU. and Canada. " " Cool. Many people who make you happy. We love you, "said he as the waitress our dinner on the table. The cake looked good, so n immediately gave him a bite. ", you ask? "Brian, as he grabbed the sugar and began to stir in the n your coffee. " Yes.. "I had no certain answer to what he meant. Then hit me. " Oh, I think that there is no reason why you should know really. I'm from Canada. " " Cool, "said Nick. " So you're in Canada eh? Great White North and all eh ? Eh? Eh? " He laughed, a bite of one of his pieces pastel. I could not stop laughing together. " Not so bad it is? You can not to say much. " We all laughed, and then spent a few minutes to eat at Silence. Among the last bite of your foot, Brian broke the silence. "Apart from that The Canadian, tell us something about yourself. You have not said much. " " Well, what do you want ? " I asked. Brian laughed, Spray table with crumbs. "What? " Nick and I asked simultaneously. " You just say ' aboot' " he laughed and tried to Brian to swallow before it s he was drowning. Nick laughed. "do not know," I defended myself with a smile. " What are you talking over again ?" My face was red when I realized I was saying that again. This time, my two companions laughed. "Why do not laugh, before is now? " I asked, a little embarrassed. Brian shrugged. "With all the travel we do, I think we only have so used to different accents and stuff n not note n unless something catches our attention. I mean, think of all those is the stress we have in the U. S.. UU. only. But seriously, where are you , where have you been, qubefore you go? " " Okay. I was born and raised in Toronto, ON. I am an only child, , one of the reasons I've Lolita Toplist been involved with Big Brothers the Lolita Toplist program, "I began. " What do your parents say ? "Asked Nick. " My parents were in a car accident when I was in my last year was high school, so I really do not know much of the family left at all. "I answer n " Shit man, not me, "said Nick. Brian said of his own condolences. " Thanks guys. It was pretty hard there for a while, but I managed to s my way through it. I think I am stronger because of it. Insurance money n was more than enough to pay for college, I have a degree in English at the University of Toronto, where I met my best friend, Andrea, , and she and her family adopted me, more or less. After graduation, I have the rest of the insurance money and some money from a trust fund to my grandparents had to go for me to put parents in an apartment with Andrea here in Los Angeles and Andreaand I moved here. She works for her father producer s, and I'm writing a novel, with a little luck, I hope to publish soon. " " So you want to be a writer? "Brian asked how he makes the movement of the hand waitress some more coffee. " Yes, I do not think I wanted to be an author. Since I wrote was a little boy with stories. My father, saying, t the time I was your age I had lived a dozen lives in my head, " said with a small smile, thinking of my father. " What is your book? "Nick asked. " If you still prefer not to discuss it. I am any way sensitive to the works in progress. They do not want bad luck : No problem, Nate "I said, hoping that he was right on her neck n ".. Bri is the same way that when you write a song, "Forever can be answered. Brian smiled and nodded. " So tell me how to finish behind the scenes in a sea of ​​girls screaming day night? "Brian askedTo change the subject. " Oh. I thought you knew. Actually, my writing is here n the game well. I have an essay contest local magazine. Tickets for the concert tonight, first prize. " " Hey, I remember something about this contest. something ", as we say, what the Backstreet Boys, that true" or something does not mean that? " Nick, as she finished eating. " Yes, it 's own. " " What was your essay about ? " " Well, it's about what the Backstreet Boys are mean to me "I said with a sly smile. Brian smiled. God, what a killer smile n "No kidding, Sherlock. In short, what was it? " Nick said. " I do not know if I have all that easy to say I know two of the Backstreet children, which means to me, right?" I said, and felt the blood coming to the face of my s. "How you doing, man. You can tell me now, or you can call management and they sent me a copy of it," Nick said with malice. " Well, well. I know when I beat"I laughed. " Yeah! " Nick screamed, threw his hands in the air and into a the victory. Some of the other people in the restaurant looked the way of Puzzle expressions until Nick took Brian in his arms and made down. I kept trying, but I laughed too. finally got I under some kind of control and began to speak of my essay. " Now you really great success in Canada, while I was in my second year of college. I liked what I heard and became a big fan The problem does not really admit to anyone that I have a fan Chico Backstreet. No offense, but you can probably guess what people say s about a man 20 years old, who likes the Backstreet Boys. " both smiled and nodded. " In my third year at school, I left school and a apartment with my girlfriend Andrea. One day I was looking through my CD rack and found that the CD drive. He laughed, and when I saw what I foundationsd turned red and I almost died of shame. She laughed and told me that my CD to clarify some things for them. When I asked what she meant, she said she had suspected it was a little limp wrist, and me with a Backstreet Boys CD is confirmed. "It was a joke, but I did not realize at the time, and I started cries. I had the CD and sat beside me on the the bed and asked me why I was crying. finally broke down and told him to was very gay. she hugged me and told me everything was fine, and good, but does not explain why he was crying. Then it was really lost n. I told him what I thought my parents had known, n that I feel it depends are kept very close to them, and that now it was like the only family he had left and how scared I was to be n hate me if she knew. " When I finished, he gave me a hug and said he wanted to is noteverywhere. We spent the whole night talking, and she s help, I realized that being gay was not something to be ashamed of, and began the long process of leaving. I have some really great friends new, and I lost some friends that are not true in the first place. "In my essay, I concluded was that I was not the Backstreet Boys CD, almost certain not to go, Andrea arrived at night, and may never he did, and when that happens no, I would be where I law can not and will not be here at all. the Backstreet Boys, n in a foreign at the time of the door and made it possible for me to the first step, , and this is what it means to me, "he finished. There was silence at the table. Although my story he had to mourn to start , and I had lowered his head so you do not see my tears. Raising the eyes of Brian and Nick 's face, I realized that there are tears in my eyes n Nick well. Brian was sitting with a blank expression on his face. " Well, you're gay? " Nick asked. I nod. "And we've helped out, kind? " " In a strange way, yes," I replied. " This is great," Nick said with a smile. "' Wait until the rest of the boys... " " Oh, shit Nick! Really have to go back to the hotel," said Brian, on your watch. " What, What the hell are you talking Rok I do not know... " " Nick, we have to go. Now we have an early flight to catch the morning and everything. " " But... "Nick tried again. ", but nothing ! " Brian growled angrily. " Do not argue. I am back to the hotel, and you know that Kevin will kick your ass if you do not Come with me. " Brian stood up and looked at me. "Look, unfortunately, take were, but I'm sure you understand. Do not mind taking a taxi go home? " " No more guessing, not me. If you go, you have to go, "he said. "It s been great, guys. " " Yes, nice to meet you too," he said, and returnedat the door. Nick also cover some money down on the table the bill. " I'm sorry. I do not know what got into him. There is usually as this. It was nice to be with you, Nate. " He extended his hand, and I shook his hand. " Nick! " Brian said from the doorway. "I come here I come! " Nick yelled. " Maybe I'll see that over again, Nate. " " Yes, you look around Nick. Greet the other for me, " "Sure yes, " said Nick position to the limousine. Once in it came into the night. I sat and drank coffee, thinking how strange that Brian has acted. ` That was until I told them about my essay.. "I I suddenly knew what the problem was that Brian was great until I told them I was gay and had to be Brian had left.. as suddenly, they do not want someone he was gay. This thought made ​​me feel angry and disappointedhg. Finally, I shook my head a bit and decided it out of my head. a all, I thought it was probably never see again. And fuck `n him if you can not handle it, I thought. ` It's not like I need a passport to for him or anything. " It took a last sip of my coffee cup and turned me for dinner. As a taxi, the image of the face when I told Brian end of the same from my essay refused to leave my mind. " Why become be so stupid? " I wondered, as the car pulled up I meet that gave the driver my address and was quickly lost in his thoughts back I went home. n not much later we were on the star in front of my house. I paid the the driver and opened the door. Andrea was sitting in the living room with a cup tea and a book in his laboratory. she looked at me as I entered , and settled on the couch next to her. "Hello. I hope to be home now, " she said, Lolita Toplist setting the book aside. " Well, I had been, but Robbie and I have to talk to the band after the show, then Brian, Nick and I went for coffee afterwards. " \\ \\ n " Actually, this is amazing! Give me all the details!" she gushed, seats. So I told him everything that happened after he left the house, the past, while showing your photos in my signature. And I said having coffee with Nick and Brian, and Brian had happened when he out, which I thought was gay. "What a fool ! " Lamented Andrea and pulled me into a hug. hugged me, resting my head on his shoulder. Suddenly, tears in my eyes as I had thought of how angry and distant Brian, are in the cafeteria. The rest of the guys were great, but other than n ick knew that none of them I was gay, so do not know how answer. And in a way, Brian was the reaction of that mattered. It was of one. He was my favorite, it was the best, and until tonight, had to swere those who had identified and was waiting for most of the meeting. No matter how much I have forgotten, I feel so 've rejected. Andrea happened to me to keep me calm again. "In At least you have to see it in a towel, " she said, trying to make me laugh. It has not worked. hand grabbed me and pulled me from the couch. " You are to go to bed and you get some sleep. Everything you always seem to better in the morning," he said, pulling me to my room. "I'll see that in the morning. " "What is it? " I asked, pointing to a folded sheet of paper on my pillow n. " Oh. Mom and Dad leave it to you. I 'm going to sleep. Good night," he said as he closed the door a. "Good night ! " I cried, and then sat on the edge of my bed opened the letter. Nate regret not getting to see tonight, but Andrea tell us why it could not be there and understand. I hope allis good, and that everything up to your expectations. I imagine, for example excited you need to actually get the chance to meet the Backstreet Boys, especially Brian. We dined early to fill us in Sleep well, dear. Love, Mom and Dad Cameron The disappointment of the night took me back to the idea of ​​Cameron, to explain what had happened, and I feel the tears coming. I put the note aside and got into bed. I of light, I could not help thinking that might have been better if I had to mark the anniversary party, after all is gone. My last thought when I was asleep ' At least I never n to see it again... " it turned out I was wrong. This story will continue.... Okay, that's all for this part. Let me know what think what if. I should continue this story, I am in favor of a sort, but I'm a little biased. ) Please, send DLS_stories hotmail com Thank you for readin. g! :)
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